Do you ever work with churches and help them implement some of the concepts that you write about?
Yes, the team at The Malphurs Group regularly consults with and trains leaders and their teams to implement the concepts presented in our resources.

Do you work with any denomination or group?
We work with any group that agrees with the core beliefs of The Malphurs Group.

When you consult with churches, do they request some concepts more than others?
The majority of denominations want seminars and training on change, church planting, church revitalization, and information on new ministry trends (e.g. use of the Internet, ministry to millenials, etc.). Churches typically want help with their core values, mission, vision, strategy, and other areas of strategic planning. A growing number are also asking for help with relational and practical issues at the board level.

Who are some of the organizations that The Malphurs Group has worked with over the years?
Visit our clients’ page to see a complete listing of the groups and organizations we have worked with.

Which book by Aubrey Malphurs has sold the most copies?
Advanced Strategic Planning sells the most copies, and a close second is Being Leaders. Next would be Planting Growing Churches in the 21st Century.

Are any of Aubrey Malphurs’ books available in other languages?
Yes, several of his books have been published in Spanish, Chinese, French, Korean and Ukrainian/Russian. Click here for full list.

Do you accept guest bloggers for your site?
Yes, we do. Please contact our Director of Communications [lbridges(@)malphursgroup.com] to submit your topic. Our Criteria for Guest Blogging can be found here.

How is Christianity faring in America?
Christianity is in decline. Estimates are that “66 to 75 percent of all congregations founded before 1960 are either on a plateau in size or shrinking in number.” Thom Rainer writes, “Our recent research on the younger generation, the Bridgers (born 1977 to 1994), indicates that only four percent of the teenagers understand the gospel and have accepted Christ, even if they attend church.” He concludes, “America is clearly becoming less Christian, less evangelized, and less churched.”

What can we do about the decline of Christianity in America?
The Malphurs Group believes that the future of the Christianity lies in planting “Great Commission” churches and revitalizing established churches.