Mystery Worshipper Consultations

Mystery worshipper consultations include:

  • Pre-trip assessment of media presence and office hospitality
  • On-site assessment of worship, physical property, ministries, and much more
  • Post-trip written report and a teleconference consultation with your staff or leadership

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mystery worshipper

Most people decide to return to a church (or not) in the first 7-10 minutes. You read that right. 7 minutes! What if you served people so well in those first 7-10 minutes that they returned next week and heard the Gospel message? Our mystery worshippers can help.

Guests see things you don’t. They will never forget the eye sores. Your blind spots smack them in the face.

Through our Mystery Worshipper Consultations, we send one of our navigators to examine your service, facilities, security, signage, etc. Once the on-site observation has occurred, our team will compile a report that will be subsequently presented during a conference call with your leadership team.