On-site consulting involves bringing one of our consultant-navigators to your ministry location. This allows the consultant to lead or navigate your church through the strategic envisioning process, and effectively provide mentoring and coaching as needed. The consultant gets to know your people and particular situation firsthand, and will tell your people what they need to hear (which may not necessarily be what they want to hear) face-to-face.


A Combination Approach
This consulting approach combines both Onsite Consulting and One-on-One Coaching. One of our consultant-leaders comes on site to help you navigate your ministry people through the vital issues surrounding your core values, mission, vision, and other strategic concerns. Then one of our coaching-leaders provides one-on-one coaching expertise to ensure an extra degree of focus, support and accountability for your key leaders to reach their strategic goals.

The advantage of this combination approach is that it synergizes the best that both consulting and executive coaching have to offer. If you are interested in this approach, please contact us and we’ll be happy to talk through the benefits and how it could work in your ministry setting.