Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching is a focused, structured and accountable conversation designed specifically to help you…

Crystallize key issues and increase your focus.
… Take purposeful action and implement strategies.
… Realize your potential and achieve your goals.
… Leverage your leadership influence.

Coaching will help you…
… Get you unstuck, creating progress.
… Find focus in a noisy, chaotic ministry life.
… Produce growth and sustained effectiveness.
… Be encouraged and accountable.
… Develop and leverage untapped leadership competencies.
Achieve your goals, not just dream about them.
… Avoid the insanity of doing the same old things yet expecting different results.
… Operate on principle and stability, rather than trial and error.

Leadership Coaching is a structured relationship between an individual and a coach who is trained to listen, observe and then engage their clients around an agenda that is personal and customized to suit their individual needs.

A leadership coaching structure operates under the belief that the client is naturally creative and resourceful. A coach then uses powerful, provocative questions that draw upon the skills, resources and creativity that the client already possesses.

Additionally, leadership coaching in a Christian context assumes the leadership activity of the Holy Spirit. We see our role as helping our clients discern the Holy Spirit’s insight and guidance for their ministry.

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We also want to equip you to lead now. So we have provided Dr. Aubrey Malphurs’ “16 Questions to Evaluate Your Church” Tool for free for all new subscribers to our ministry toolbox, Leadership Link. Click below to download the 16 Questions tool now.

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