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Posted: January 16, 2016 | Categories: ,

10 Vision Deficiencies Plaguing Pastors and Churches 

Vision matters for anyone in ministry. Vision motivates you and your church to action and effectiveness. Vision clarifies what matters most by captivating people towards a yet unseen future. But oftentimes there are vision deficiencies plaguing pastors and churches. Let’s face it. Your vision is not always perfect. But if you evaluate your vision in light...
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Posted: December 31, 2015 | Categories:

Top Blog Posts from The Malphurs Group in 2015

We hope you had a great 2015 and eagerly look forward to what God has in store for you, your family, and your ministry as you impact the world for Christ in 2016 and beyond. As we enter a new year, we compiled a list of some of the top blog posts from the navigators...
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Posted: November 20, 2015 | Categories: , , ,

15 Church Security Tips and Resources for Pastors and Church Boards

Church security rose to the forefront of our minds this past week. On Friday the world looked on as one detail after another surfaced about the attacks in Paris, France. As things unfolded, the massive worldwide concern caused the live streaming networks Periscope and Meerkat to struggle to handle the increase in traffic. But safety wasn’t...
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Posted: September 14, 2015 | Categories: , , , , ,

6 Steps to Building a Leadership Pipeline in Your Church

Leadership pipeline development in churches isn’t a new fad or trend that only applies to multi-site or church planting contexts. A church’s leadership pipeline cultivates the God-given spiritual gifts and abilities each person has. It requires a redesign or reorganization of ministry roles, in order to not only accomplish ministry goals but also intentionally develop...
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Posted: August 25, 2015 | Categories: , , , ,

5 Questions to Ask When You Realize Church Revitalization is not Church Growth

Contrary to what some believe…church revitalization is not church growth. Yes, the church may (and should) grow under your leadership during a revitalization endeavor; however, the numerical growth of a church does not mean it is revitalized (ie church health). Any solid church consulting firm can tell you that pretty quickly. Church revitalization is a...
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Posted: August 24, 2015 | Categories: , , ,

5 Transformational Church Health Tips To Fuel Spiritual Growth

For years churches and church consultants have prioritized church growth. I believe most church consulting is done with good intentions. Church consultants, churches, and pastors aim to increase their ministry impact over time by engaging more people with more activities. But at what cost? I would argue that oftentimes the impact has come at the...
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