How We Do It

Our Approach

  • We help ministry organizations in general and churches in particular to transform themselves. Specifically, we come alongside to equip and coach them to move from wherever they are spiritually to where Christ wants them to be.
  • Our primary role is to provide training and consultation and at times a shoulder to lean on. We begin with proven information that God has used to transform other ministry organizations. While our desire is to see leaders take this information and implement transformation, we are available to come along side to coach and encourage them through the process.
  • We work with and through leadership teams. We ask that ministry organizations pull together their proven, gifted leaders to serve as a team that will lead the ministry through the transformation process.
  • We help leadership teams discover their ministry’s assumptions, identify and articulate their core values, develop a biblical mission, articulate a powerful, passionate vision, and develop a disciple-making strategy. We can also train them to implement and then evaluate the effectiveness of their strategies.
  • We help boards to troubleshoot when things aren’t progressing smoothly. The goal is to equip Christian leaders to function biblically while working together as a team that respects and cares for one another.
  • We also work with denominational organizations to train their leaders in such areas as church planting, church refocusing, strategic thinking, divine design discovery, and leadership development as well as a number of other vital areas.
  • Though we have much practical experience, all our ministry is deeply dependent on the Holy Spirit as our guide. With his counsel, we filter what we do through a biblical grid so that what is accomplished honors God.